HPNC Membership Form


If you want to join HPNC, please complete the three portions of this form and send it along with a check for $15.00 payable to "HPNC" to our membership secretary:


Carolyn Hall, 26 Buena Vista Terrace, San Francisco, CA 94117.  If you have any questions, contact her at carolynhall.sf@gmail.com



1) Mailing address


Name:          _____________________________________________     


Address:      _____________________________________________







Dues for year: _______________________________ (e.g. "2006" Membership is on a calendar-year basis: January 1 - December 31).



2) Other contact information:


If you provide your email address you can receive announcements about meetings and other special events. Our email list is private and only for use by our members.


Phone Number: _____________________________________________


Email Address: ______________________________________________



3) In the roster mailed to members, please include my:


_____      Name     _____     Address      _____     City/State


_____     Telephone     _____     E-mail    


Thank you. And welcome to HPNC!